Sairam Pool

  • Minimal Cost
  • 0% Fee
  • 450k ADA Pledge

Live Stake: 6.15M ADA

ROS: 3.702%

Our Corrent Cause

Hi, my name is Alessandro and I'm the operator of Sairam Pool. I'm from Germany and I study computer science at LMU Munich. The cryptocurrency space I've joined back in mid-2018 and I've been involved in Cardano since the end of 2019.

A Raspberry Pi is a powerful resource, which could help with the decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem. One of my goals is to make the onboarding process for people, who want to run a stakepool on a Raspberry Pi, as easy as possible by providing tutorials and useful scripts.

If you want to support me or decentralization really matters to you, just delegate to my pool!

For any questions, you are welcome to join my Telegram group or write me an e-mail. 🙂

Why Me

Operating an environment-friendly 5 Watt stakepool 24/7 with 99.9% uptime

Highly reliable because of very good Internet connection in order to get all my slots

Running my stakepool from home, helping to truly decentralize the Cardano ecosystem


  • Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB RAM
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OS
  • Firewall UFW
  • SanDisk SSD Plus 240 GB
  • 100 MBit/s, 15 ms latency


  • Fees

    What do the cost and fee mean?

    From the rewards, my pool earns per epoch, a fixed fee of 340 ₳ and a variable fee of 1.5% are conducted and given to the operator to cover pool and operating costs. The rest is shared with the delegators. So the fees relate to the pool rewards and not to your stake. You will never lose money with staking.

  • Performance

    Can a Raspberry Pi even compete with other stakepools?

    Absolutely! Hardware doesn't play a role in Cardano. The only factor is the stake. With the right amount of stake, a Raspberry Pi could be as powerful as a big mining farm in the Bitcoin network. That's, how efficient Proof of Stake is!

  • Risk

    Has the pool operator control over my ADA?

    No, your funds are always safe in your wallet! Basically, if you delegate, you register a certificate on the blockchain, that says, which stakepool your wallet belongs to.

Let's shape the future together!